First of all, start taking pictures for a while with anything you have handy (camera/mobile phone). Try to do it like a full time job, or at least spend 2–3 days in a row just taking pictures. If you enjoy this activity, the next step is to buy a proper camera, read some books and a few online resources, and even sign up for a photography course.

If you enjoy it and have a passion for it, the rest will follow

You could even become a professional photographer, but you can’t really burn steps in the process.

Also, be aware that photography is the most common hobby around the world today, and because of that, many people turn pro, so the market is pretty saturated. With such a fierce competition, those who eventually succeed in getting clients aren’t seeing great returns.

If you’d like to get rich one day, maybe this is not the right job. If you’d like to be happy with your job, but experience some level of uncertainity, this may be it.

Learn your tools. Open that camera book and study it and see what your camera can do and use it at the highest potential. Buy/rent different kind of lenses and learn what you can do with everyone of it.

Study the photography rules and rule of thirds, how to apply them but better how to break them.

Learn about colors

Watch thousands of pictures good and bad as see what you like and what you don’t like in them, what is wrong and what is good, what’s the message they send you.

Study specific for every kind of photography what is specific, nature photography what implies, portrait photography what implies, wedding photography, product photography.

Now, the last one: see the light. But this one have to be in your soul. See how the light is and how you have to create it.

Do all these above and you will be OK. To be great , that sparkle have to be in you, you can’t learn it or make it. It’s like any other kind of art, you have that artistic gene in your body or not. In that nobody can help you , that’s my opinion.