Painting from glass – these words can be described as a stained glass panel, which will be a wonderful decoration of any interior. On a site it is possible to find a stained-glass panel which will completely meet all your requirements and become a worthy ornament of a premise.

What are paintings made of glass

Paintings made of glass are the same stained-glass window, made within a certain technique and used in the interior as a decorative painting. Anything can be depicted on it. Here the main role is played by the wishes of the customer – reproduction of a famous picture, portrait, abstract drawing or landscape to decide on, and the necessary recommendations can give designers. Such paintings require special care in manufacturing. A special approach should be when choosing materials. It is necessary to pick up only the best glass. In addition, there are several ways to install the panel. Installation in each case is carried out differently, depending on the size and weight of the panel, as well as the place where it is required to fix it.

Advantages and disadvantages of paintings made of glass

Like every element of decoration of an apartment, house or office, the glass panel has certain pros and cons. First, it should be noted the special appeal of the picture in the glass, it is an unusual choice that emphasizes the taste of man, his ability to find a special solution for the interior. However, there are still many positive sides in the choice of stained glass paintings to decorate your home.

  • Safety. Most often, such paintings are strong enough and if installed correctly, do not threaten others. And if you use tempered glass, this figure increases by many times. It should be noted that they do not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere, as they use only compositions and materials that are safe for humans.
  • Long service life. The glass panel will serve you for more than a decade if the correct operating conditions are provided.
  • Easy maintenance. Stained glass panels do not require much effort during cleaning.
  • Versatility. Paintings made of glass can be used in almost any interior.

It is necessary to mention also some disadvantages of the glass panel. First of all, you should know that they carry almost no functional load. It’s just a kind of decor. However, illuminated from the inside stained-glass window at night can successfully replace a night lamp.

The techniques of making paintings out of glass

Stained glass panels can be very different, depending on the manufacturing technique used in each case. Below we will make a brief comparative analysis of the glass panel manufacturing techniques.

  • Classic stained glass in the form of a picture in the glass is created by binding to each other, pre-cut pieces of colored glass. The lead profile is used.
  • Tiffany’s stained-glass window, used as a panel, is an absolute favorite today. It is made of colored glass pieces wrapped in foil and soldered with each other.
  • The glass panel, which is made in the fusing technique, is created by pre-sintering the glass in furnaces.
  • Stained glass panel painting is the closest option to a full picture. Because here the glass is painted with stained glass paints.
  • Artistic sandblasting pattern on the glass appears as a result of exposure to sand, leaving scratches.
  • Stained glass as a picture on the glass is created by pouring in paints and then baking at high temperatures.

Except for these techniques of manufacturing of a picture from glass there are still many – film, facet, photographic printing which are pasted on a glass surface. You can also make a picture out of glass by combining different stained glass techniques.