If you decided to make a marriage proposal, but because of excitement you do not know how to do everything well and where to start, then our services are specially for you. It will help to collect thoughts in a heap, and will into a fist, and you will understand how to proceed. Before you plan a wedding, you should make sure not only that you love each other, but also understand how similar your ideas about further life together are. Because if in the future it turns out that you want something completely different in some fundamental things, then a break in relations will be the most likely ending to your story.

We have very good news for you, “Proposal 007” is a team of professionals that offers unforgettable photos and videos on the day of your marriage proposal. Our company guarantees excellent photos and high-quality videos in advance of your intention, during your proposal and after your half answers the question. Our experts do everything so secretly that no one except you will know that you are under the professional cameras. Our proposal photographer nyc will catch the outstanding moment when you asking her to be your wife, as well as her surprise and delight. After your suggestion, our experts, if you wish, can come to you and your second half for additional photos, and sometimes wishes for the future from relatives.

Our team consists of only professionals who cannot imagine their life without their favorite job. They will help you to create a photo-story of your marriage proposal, thereby giving you the opportunity to review this video forever at any time in your married life. However, the proposal should work hard on how best to do this, where to develop a detailed route from your location or to the place of proposal you have chosen. In our joint cooperation, we also provide many additional options, for example, if you can’t decide on a place where it’s best to make a proposal, or you have already decided on a place, but you would like to take a walk before this, so that you can be alone with your second half for as long as possible, we can build your routes completely according to your wishes.

In addition to the video, we can also record and add “secret offers” to it – these are interviews with you, whole inserts from life, answers to interesting questions, jokes, and memories. Then we will edit it for our film with the final proposal, it will be a very beautiful moment.

If you still decide to contact us, then we can arrange a meeting with you in our studio, or we will arrange a Skype meeting. As soon as you make a detailed presentation of this important event, we will begin to compose scripts, plan positions and all the necessary roles for our team on a chosen day. If you want all your plans for recording and photos to be kept secret from family and friends, we will contribute to this. The opportunity to take pictures of relatives with their best wishes is possible even after you make an offer.

The marriage proposal is an exciting moment for you and for us. If you want to make this day truly unforgettable and enchanting, then you should ask for help real professionals who know how to make the recording of this day and let you to feel these emotions again and again. If you contact us, you will not just unload yourself a lot of time preparing for an important event, but you will be able to devote a lot of energy to learning about your favorite places of your second half, about your preferences, about your favorite music, food and so on.

The more you know about her and her “weaknesses,” the more likely you will hear “yes!” 

Each girl is special and unique and it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail so that the day will be truly happy. Maybe you want to go to other locations outside the country and it will be possible, we will transform all your ideas into a small exciting journey accompanied by the two of you. Maybe it will be a romantic evening with music in a restaurant, in a quiet and comfortable place, or maybe unexpectedly for everyone at a concert of her favorite band to make her happy or somewhere else, remember that together we can create a masterpiece that you will be proud of!

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